Tony Hains owner of Watermouth Castle

Podcast with Tony Hain – Owner of Watermouth Castle

I turned up to meet Tony in the winter when the castle is closed to visitors. Despite the time of year, there was plenty going on and clearly, alot or work to be done. Running the theme park is a family affair as Tony runs the site with his brother Jonathan. They took over the park when it was left to them by their father.

I have to admit I was very excited to meet the people behind the attraction, as you will hear in the podcast. I remember visiting the castle when I was a young boy and recently I have started to take my children along. I can see in that it holds the same intrigue and charm for them as it does me.

Download the podcast with Tony

With my own memories being dragged up from my consciousness and creating new ones with my children I had loads of questions that I have wanted the answer too. Most of all I wanted to know who counts all the 1 & 2ps.

When I arrived I didn’t know what to expect in Tony but his personality, warmth and love for his work were in keeping with the overall feel of the attractions you find in the castle. He clearly loves the quirkiness of the place as much as the visitors and it seems as though he has a job that is also his hobby.

Watermouth Castle is open from April to October and is one of the best days out in North Devon.


This podcast was supported by Woodstock Windows a North Devon family business.


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